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August 14, 2019

Conservative Candidate Calls on Yukon MP to Answer to Yukoners on SNC-Lavalin Scandal

Conservative Candidate Calls on Yukon MP to Answer to Yukoners on SNC-Lavalin Scandal  Whitehorse, Yukon – Jonas J. Smith, the Conservative Party of Canada’s candidate for Yukon, is calling upon Yukon Liberal Party Member of Parliament Larry Bagnell to clarify where he stands regarding today’s announcement that Prime Minister Justin...

August 02, 2019

Health Care

Every Canadian relies on our health care system. Our experiences vary depending on what our needs are and where we are in life, but we all need it. It’s critical that quality services are there for us when we do. That’s Andrew Scheer's commitment to you.

June 21, 2019

The North Knows: The Carbon Tax is a Scam

The North Knows: The Carbon Tax is a Scam The carbon tax is coming to two out of Canada’s three territories just in time to celebrate Canada Day, and as the saying goes, “words matter.” So when northerners hear Liberal politicians talk about climate change using buzz words like “carbon...

June 01, 2019

The Yukon Has Too Much Government

There’s really no subtle way to say it; the Yukon has too much government. Admittedly, we inhabit a sparsely populated corner of our vast country and in order to receive comparable levels of service for comparable levels of taxation, our small tax base requires public resources to supply amenities that...

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April 09, 2019

Open Letter to Senator Pat Duncan Re: Bill C-71

Dear Senator Duncan,   Although conveyed previously in person, I would once again like to congratulate you on your appointment to the Senate of Canada.   With your considerable experience pertaining to federal, territorial and First Nations matters, particularly during such remarkable advances in our territory’s governance, from devolution of...

April 04, 2019

Once again, MP’s talk doesn’t match the walk

As the SNC Lavalin saga has continued to rage for over two months now, we have come a long way from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s initial robotic and legalistic nothing-to-see-here denial. But multiple departures from the veritable “who’s who” of elected, political and senior officials at the highest level of...

March 05, 2019

Where do you stand Mr. Bagnell?

Where do you stand Mr. Bagnell? At the time of this writing, things are not looking very good for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A growing list of incumbent federal Liberal caucus members have announced they will not seek re-election and (so far) two very capable female members of his oft-lauded...

February 20, 2019

Open Letter to the Hon. P.C. Larry Bagnell

Open Letter to the Hon. P.C. Larry Bagnell Member of Parliament for Yukon   Dear Mr. Bagnell,   These past weeks have raised many concerning questions regarding:   the Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould’s surprise resignation as Minister of Veterans Affairs; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motives for shuffling her out of her...